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15 weeks

15 weeks

15 weeks

Students will travel to the Ventura campus one weekend every month during the semester.

All sessions are 15 weeks in length.


Our Hybrid J.D. students combine online coursework with four intensive, on-campus residencies focused on skill development throughout each semester. A “flipped classroom” education model ensures that time spent in the classroom is centered on active learning, as opposed to traditional lectures. Because legal writing and legal research are critical skills for every attorney, students will have the opportunity to practice and master these skills each semester and develop a portfolio of work to show prospective employers. A final capstone project tests each student's ability to demonstrate the fundamental skills they need to begin making immediate contributions to the legal community.

Sample 32-month schedule

Semester 1 - Fall 2018 (9 units)
Intro to Legal Fundamentals (3 units)

  Intro to Legal Writing and Analysis (3 units)

  Intro to Legal Research (2 units)

  Track Weekend (1 unit)

Semester 2 - Spring 2019 (10 units)
Torts (3 units)

  Contracts (3 units)

  Criminal Law (3 units)

  Track Weekend (1 unit)

Semester 3 - Summer 2019 (10 units)
Torts II (3 units)

  Contracts II (3 units)

  Professional Responsibility (3 units)

  Track Weekend (1 unit)

Semester 4 - Fall 2019 (10 units)
Real Property I (3 units)

  Community Property (3 units)

  Civil Procedure I (3 units)

  Track Weekend (1 unit)

Semester 5 - Spring 2020 (13 units)
Real Property II (3 units)

  Civil Procedure II (3 units)

  Wills and Trusts (3 units)

  Pro Bono Legal Internship (1 unit)

  Directed Study (2 units)

  Track Weekend (1 unit)

Semester 6 - Summer 2020 (11 units)
Constitutional Law I (3 units)

  Evidence (3 units)

  Business Associations (3 units)

  Internship (1 unit)

  Track Weekend (1unit)

Semester 7 - Fall 2020 (12 units)
Constitutional Law II (3 units)


Constitutional Criminal Procedure (3 units)


Remedies (3 units)


Elective (3units)

Semester 8 - Spring 2021 (9 units)
Bar Studies (3 units)


Professional Legal Writing (3 units)


Capstone (3 units)

California Bar Exam

Students who complete our J.D. program are academically eligible to sit for California's General Bar Exam. It's no secret that this two-day exam is one of the toughest in the nation, with a pass rate that typically hovers around 50 percent. For students juggling law studies with work and family responsibilities, the exam can pose a significant challenge. Faculty and staff at the Colleges of Law share a strong commitment to helping students succeed on the exam.

Our required curriculum covers every bar-tested subject and includes Bar Studies, a course designed to help students meet the exam's intellectual and time-management challenges. We also offer presentations, panel discussions, and workshops on Bar Exam preparation. More information about the Bar Exam, as well as information about additional prerequisites for practicing law in California, can be found on the State Bar of California website.

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