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COL to host Prop. 10 debate in Ventura

Prop. 10 seeks to ease the pressures of the ongoing California housing crisis, and The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law will host a
Guneet Kaur

Finding a sense of purpose in family law

Alumna Guneet Kaur, Esq., balances legal savvy with emotional intelligence to build a successful law practice.
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How Lawyers Can Help Human Trafficking Victims

Federal and state laws exist to hold traffickers accountable and, perhaps more importantly, to provide victims support.
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Breaking down the ‘Lawyering Skills’ tracks in our new hybrid J.D. program

The addition of Lawyering Skills tracks is a unique concept that aids in developing the necessary skills new attorneys will need after graduating.
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Graduates of the Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law form new Alumni Council

For the first time in its near 50-year history, The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law (COL) has a joint Alumni Council to support
Test Quiz

Why Colleges of Law doesn’t require the LSAT

No type of standardized test, including the LSAT, can predict who will become a skilled, competent, and ethical attorney.
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Juris Doctor

How to Get a J.D. Degree in California

So you’re ready to go to law school? Use these tips when considering what you’ll need to get a J.D. degree in California and begin
Hybrid J.D.

4 ways the hybrid J.D. changes how you go to law school

For those who want to go to law school in California, the innovative Hybrid J.D. program addresses many longstanding critiques of legal education while making

Will ending gerrymandering help end hyper-partisan politics?

Members of Congress or the courts must act to end partisan gerrymandering. It undermines our democracy, diminishes the voice of moderate voters, and contributes to