Steve Feder

Adjunct faculty member Steve Feder is Senior Partner at Hathaway Law Firm by day, and has been teaching at the Colleges of Law since 1989. He makes his Wills and Trusts class very hands-on for a very simple reason—common sense.

"My first job out of law school was to draft contracts for the IRS, something I’d learned in theory, but never practiced in reality," he says. “Because I spent hours in a legal library teaching myself how to write a contract after I graduated law school, I set a goal that my future law students would know exactly what to do after taking my classes."

Feder epitomizes the Colleges of Law philosophy of going beyond theory and providing practical legal education.
His students draft legal documents in class and receive experienced guidance along the way. He’s seen that the participatory aspect of the Colleges of Law—something you don’t get at larger law schools that rely on a lecture format—works well.
“Our students are mature,” he says. “They have real-life experience, and they want to soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible.”
The Colleges of Law mimics real-world scenarios in classes across the curriculum, giving graduates a distinct advantage. “I see the advantage of studying here reflected out in the community,” Feder says. “I go to court and the judge was one of my students, or the opposing lawyer was one of my students. It’s great to witness our students becoming pillars in the legal community.”

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