Faculty That are Always There for You

Real-world faculty is always ready to help at The Colleges of Law.

Craig Smith

At the Colleges of Law, you can expect one-on-one attention from the first-rate faculty who balance busy legal careers and course loads—both of which help our students achieve success. Complete your application today.

“I really enjoy the give and take with students; watching a new cohort every term develop a deeper understanding of a difficult subject—law,” says long-time faculty member Craig Smith. “The whole atmosphere of the Colleges of Law is energizing. I love to know that I’m helping launch countless impactful careers.”

On the faculty at the Colleges of Law since 1984, “countless” isn’t far off—Smith has taught more than 2,000 students in his career. While the world has changed significantly in the past four decades, Smith says some defining characteristics at the Colleges of Law haven’t disappeared: a close-knit community, affordability, personalized support from the faculty, and a commitment to bettering society.

“At my law school, every class had 100 or more students in it,” he says. “Because of our smaller class sizes, there is little chance of students getting lost or overlooked at the Colleges of Law, which is a big advantage.”

Another distinct benefit, Smith points to, is the real-world knowledge the Colleges of Law faculty bring into the classroom. They work as legal professionals and watch the field grow and adapt first-hand.

“This is not an ‘Ivory Tower,’ theoretical education,” he says. “It’s a nose to the ground, practical approach.”

Smith spent six years as a deputy district attorney, four years as a juvenile court judge, and has served on several local boards, including for the Endowment for Youth Committee, an organization dedicated to improving academic opportunities and performance for minority students in the community.

“It’s always gratifying when you encounter someone at a crossroads in life, and you can encourage them to take higher path and see them become successful as a result,” Smith says. “I see that with youth in my community work, but also at the Colleges of Law oftentimes.

“Know this, when you come to the Colleges of Law, you are joining a community who will support you every step of the way to define success for yourself. We are here to help.”