Our experienced leadership team oversees the day-to-day operations of The Colleges of Law, ensuring that our students’ law school experience is academically and experientially rewarding.


Matthew Nehmer, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Jackie Gardina, J.D.

Dean and Professor of Law

Dual Campus Faculty & Staff

Craig Smith, J.D.

Professor of Law

Barbara Doyle, A.A.

Assistant Dean & Registrar

Shawn Taylor, M.A.

Director of Admissions

Alexis Burdick, M.A.

Business Manager & Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Virginia Fuentes, J.D.

Academic Services Coordinator

Deborah E. Jurgensen, J.D.

Law Librarian

Santa Barbara Campus Staff

Christian Winnewisser

Student Services Coordinator & Assistant Registrar

DeeDee Barthelmess

Enrollment Counselor

Shannon Stark

Enrollment Counselor

Jonelle Rocha

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Ventura Campus Staff

Jennifer Mackie

Student Services Coordinator