Learning Resources

At the Colleges of Law—as at most law schools—students rely primarily on their casebooks to learn the fundamentals of law.

Other learning resources are available to enhance students' understanding of legal principles, help them develop research skills, and improve their exam performance:

We're continuing our quest to make earning a J.D.—and entering the legal profession—an achievable dream for students who need an affordable, flexible way to attend law school.

A J.D. You Can Afford

Not only does our State Bar-accredited J.D. program give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to represent clients, but tuition at The Colleges of Law is less than half that of a traditional private law school.
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Law School is Within Your Reach

Our California State Bar-accredited program is one of the most accessible in the country. Earn a J.D. degree in the evenings and graduate with little or no tuition debt.
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